Race and sport in global perspective: Lessons from post-apartheid South Africa

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Title translated into German:Rasse und Sport in globaler Perspektive: Lektionen aus Suedafrika nach der Apartheid
Author:Rees, C. Roger
Published in:Journal of sport and social issues
Published:20 (1996), 1 , S. 22-32, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199608109834

Author's abstract

This article discusses the implications of recent developments in South African sport for images of race and sport perpetuated internationally and in America. It is argued that the nonracial sports movement, an important symbol for racial equality in South Africa and abroad, has been helped by the international boycott of apartheid sport. Howerver, the image of Black athletes as genetically superior to Whites is also common in international sport. This image reinforces a biologically deterministic view of race that has been the basis of the apartheid system. Verf.-Referat