Injury situation and injury mechanism at the 1993 European taekwondo cup

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Title translated into German:Verletzungssituation und Verletzungsmechanismus bei dem Europa-Cup 1993 im Taekwon-Do
Author:Pieter, Willy; Ryssegem, Guido van; Lufting, Roy; Heijmans, John
Published in:Journal of human movement studies
Published:28 (1995), 1 , S. 1-24, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199608109605

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Injury data were collected at the 1993 European Taekwondo Cup to assess the situation and mechanism of injury and to relate the exact taekwondo technique to the injury incurred. Attacking with a roundhouse kick was the situation that most often led to an injury for both men (58.14/1,000 A-E) and women (61.40/1,000 A-E). Delivering a round kick was the major mechanism that led to injury in the men (46.51/1,000 A-E). In the women, receiving a round kick and receiving a spinning back kick were the mechanisms equally responsible for most of the injuries reported (35.09/1,000 A-E for each). Both the round kick and spinning back kick were involved in sustaining a cerebral concussion in the male and female teakwondo athletes. Preventive measures include testing of protective equipment and possibly modifying competition rules. Verf.-Referat