Sports psychology in action

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Title translated into German:Angewandte Sportpsychologie
Author:Butler, Richard J.
Published:Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann (Verlag), 1996, 144 S., Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Book
Media type: Print resource
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Identification number:PU199607108930
AU  - Butler, Richard J.
A2  - Butler, Richard J.
DB  - BISp
DP  - BISp
KW  - Aktivationsniveau
KW  - Coping
KW  - Hochleistungssport
KW  - Leistungssteigerung
KW  - Selbstbewusstsein
KW  - Selbstregulation
KW  - Sportler
KW  - Sportpsychologie
KW  - Strategie, kognitive
KW  - Trainingsoptimierung
LA  - eng
PB  - Butterworth-Heinemann
CY  - Oxford
TI  - Sports psychology in action
TT  - Angewandte Sportpsychologie
PY  - 1996
N2  - Sports performers continually endeavour to excel at what they do and to break records. Their search for new and innovative techniques which might enable them to achieve these aims is unceasing. Author offers accessible and practical guidance on an increasingly important and proven approach - the use of mental processes to enhance physical performance. It is now recognized that psychology has a key role in sports, not only in improving performance, but also in helping sportsmen and women attain a sense of mastery of their discipline. Author explores the important characteristics in top sporting performance and illustrates techniques and exercises designed to assist athletes reach their potential. This book should play an essential part in any serious sports performance preparation. It is for coaches and athletes from local to national level, sports teachers, psychologists, professionals in sports medicine, physiotherapy, exercise physiology and nutrition. It is also directly relevant for sports science students on degree and diploma courses.     Klappentext
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ID  - PU199607108930
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