Überschreiten des Pulslimits im Herzsport und im Alltag bei Herzgruppenpatienten

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Title translated into English:Coronary patients passing the pulse limit during coronary outpatient groups activities and in everday life
Author:Heitkamp, H.C.; Hipp, A.; Stoetzer, T.; Dickhuth, H.H.
Published in:Sport und Medizin pro und contra / 32. Deutscher Sportärzte-Kongress, München 1990
Published:München: Zuckschwerdt (Verlag), 1991, S. 899-901, Lit.
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Publication Type: Compilation article
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Identification number:PU199604107528

Author's abstract

Family doctors tend to refrain from recommending coronary patients to outpatient group therapy because of high cardiac load. Holter monitoring over 24 h was performed in 8 coronary patients including outpatient therapy. The pulse limitation of 105+/-16/min at 1.1+/-0.2 W/kg was derived from bicycle ergometry. During sport therapy, 3 patients stayed below the pulse limitation; during everyday life, only 1 patient, and 1 patient in both situations. The borderline was exceeded by 12% during sport therapy and by 14% during everyday life. Three patients exhibited chest pain and one patient both chest pain and ischemic ST depression. No silent ischemia was observed. Coronary patients pass the puls limitation in both situations by the same amount and thus seem to be equally endangered in sport therapy and everyday life. Verf.-Referat