Zur sportartspezifischen Gleichgewichtsfähigkeit in der Rhythmischen Sportgymnastik (RSG)

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Title translated into English:Balance in rhythmical competitive gymnastics
Author:Neumann, E.; Marées, H. de
Published in:Sport und Medizin pro und contra / 32. Deutscher Sportärzte-Kongress, München 1990
Published:München: Zuckschwerdt (Verlag), 1991, S. 461-463, Lit.
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Publication Type: Compilation article
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Identification number:PU199604107338

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Balance in standing positions on one leg - often made more difficult by preceeding rotatory movements into extreme positions - are of rising importance for the performance assessment in rhythmical competitive gymnastics. With respect to these demands, a test battery was created and top athletes (TA) and less experienced athletes (LE), were tested on a force platform and compared with normal female sports students (SS). After a 4-week special training program, the LE showed a significant sway reduction whereas the SSs performance remained nearly constant after a common gymnasts training. The entrance performance of the TA was even much better than the final performance of the LE. Verf.-Referat