Crok! The effects of positive and negative self-talk on dart throwing performance

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Title translated into German:Knorke! Die Auswirkungen des positiven und negativen Selbstgespraeches auf die Leistung beim Dartwerfen
Author:Raalte, Judy L. van; Brewer, Britton W.; Lewis, Brian P.; Linder, Darwyn E.; Wildman, Gregg; Kozimor, Johnathon
Published in:Journal of sport behavior
Published:18 (1995), 1 , S. 50-57, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199506101689

Author's abstract

In this study of the effects of self-talk on dart throwing performance, subjects (N=60) were randomly assigned to positive, negative, or control conditions then completed 15 experimental dart throws. Results indicated that positive self-talk subjects performed significantly better (p < .05) than negative self-talk subjects on the dart throwing task. Negative self-talk subjects reported that they expected to improve significantly more on a future dart throwing task than did positive self-talk and control condition subjects. Verf.-Referat