Funkcni geriatricky index: nova metoda hodnoceni fyzickeho vykonu stareho pacienta

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Title translated into German:Geriatrischer Funktionsindex: eine neue Methode zur Beurteilung der koerperlichen Leistungsfaehigkeit von aelteren Patienten
Author:Topinkova, E.; Neuwirth, J.; Hampl, J.; Mejstrikova, H.
Published in:Eurorehab
Published:4 (1994), 2 , S. 71-77, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199505101427

Author's abstract

Functional geriatric assessment is the integral part of clinical evaluation of an elderly patient. Maintaining functioning and minimizing disability are the main goals of geriatric medicine. Functional status and degree of dependency is determined mainly by physical capacity/physical performance. Our test "Functional Geriatric Index" (FGI) was developed as a new instrument for objective and formalized evaluation of physical performance in the elderly. It covers 5 main topics: gross mobility, physical activity, hand activity/dexterity, activities of daily living and communication/psychological factors. The instrument was used for assessing 80 geriatric in-patients with a broad spectrum of impairment leading to physical disability. Authors bring a critical review of most widely used instruments and compare them with FGI. They recommend FGI as a part of clinical assessment of disabled elderly in risk of dependency. Verf.-Referat