Der Einfluss eines standardisierten Uebungsprogrammes auf die koerperliche Leistungsfaehigkeit und kardiozirkulatorische Parameter bei Patienten mit kardiovaskulaerer Dysfunktion

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Title translated into English:The influence of a defined training on physical capacity and cardiocirculatory parameters in patients with functional cardiovascular disease
Author:Gastmann, U.; Leitmaier, M.; Seidenschwan, C.; Pilling, U.; Jeschke, D.
Editor:Boening, D.; Braumann, Klaus-Michael; Busse, M.W.; Maassen, N.; Schmidt, W.
Published in:Sport - Rettung oder Risiko für die Gesundheit? 31. Deutscher Sportärztekongress, Hannover 1988
Published:Köln: Dt. Ärzte-Verl. (Verlag), 1989, 1989. S. 763-766, Abb., Lit., Lit.
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Publication Type: Compilation article
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Identification number:PU199411074599

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565 patients suffering from labile hypertension, hyperkinetic heart or hypotensive regulatory disorders were examined during a graded (25 W/2 min) bicycle ergometer test before and after a specific training program (3 weeks, 4-6 h/d; 60% endurance, 25% coordination and flexibility, 15% strength endurance and power), respectively. The maximum workload increased between 0.7 and 0.8 W/kg with all groups. The heart rate at each load had the clearest decrease (-12%) among the patients with hyperkinetic heart. The blood pressure at each load was reduced most (-20%) within the patients with labile hypertension. The slightest changes in heart rate and blood pressure showed the patients with hypotensive regulatory disorders. Verf.-Referat