Sekundaere Analphalipoproteinaemie bei Bodybuildern unter Selbstmedikation mit anabolen Steroiden

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Title translated into English:Secondary analphalipoproteinemia in body builders induced by self-administered anabolic steroids
Author:Baumstark, M.W.; Berg, A.; Frey, I.; Rokitzki, L.; Keul, Joseph
Editor:Boening, D.; Braumann, Klaus-Michael; Busse, M.W.; Maassen, N.; Schmidt, W.
Published in:Sport - Rettung oder Risiko für die Gesundheit? 31. Deutscher Sportärztekongress, Hannover 1988
Published:Köln: Dt. Ärzte-Verl. (Verlag), 1989, 1989. S. 553-556, Tab., Lit., Lit.
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Identification number:PU199411074474

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In three cases of body builders which were referred to our outpatient clinic no alphalipoproteins could be detected in the lipoprotein electrophoresis. In additin serum apolipoprotein A-I values were dramatically decreased (< 3.4 mg/l). In two cases additionally a strong reduction of apolipoproteins C-II and C-III could be observed. There was no pathological change in the concentration of apolipoprotein E. The main bands of apolipoprotein A-I and A-II focused at the normal isoelectric points. The results demonstrate, that the use of anabolic steroids may under certain conditions result in a nearly total disapperance of the cardioprotective high density lipoproteins. It cannot be excluded that thereby a high risk for coronary heart disease is induced. Verf.-Referat