Ausdauersport und Wohlbefinden - koerperliche, seelische und soziale Gesundheit von Ausdauersporttreibenden und ihren Partnern

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Title translated into English:Endurance training and well-being - physical, psychic and social health of endurance trained athletes and their partners
Author:Häuser, W.; Hasler, H.; Kindermann, W.
Editor:Boening, D.; Braumann, Klaus-Michael; Busse, M.W.; Maassen, N.; Schmidt, W.
Published in:Sport - Rettung oder Risiko für die Gesundheit? 31. Deutscher Sportärztekongress, Hannover 1988
Published:Köln: Dt. Ärzte-Verl. (Verlag), 1989, 1988. S. 291-296, Abb., Lit., Lit.
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Publication Type: Compilation article
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Identification number:PU199411074349

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82 (74 male and 8 female) enduranced trained leisure time athletes and their partners assessed by a questionnaire changes in their well-being since active engagement in running, cycle racing or triathlon. In the athlete's opinion positive changes in their well-being prevailed, whereas the majority of their partners felt their well-being unchanged. The majority of the couples assessed their partnership unchanged, assessments of improvements prevail over assessments of deteriorations. Impairments of the partnership were more frequently assessed by partners than by athletes. The kind of endurance training, the standard of performance, the begin of the endurance training and the athlete's sex don't influence significanlty the assessed changes of the well-being in the partnership. Verf.-Referat