Stress fracture of the sacrum in two distance runners

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Title translated into German:Ermuedungsfraktur des Kreuzbeins bei zwei Langstreckenlaeufern
Author:Holtzhausen, Lucy-May; Noakes, Timothy D.
Published in:Clinical journal of sport medicine
Published:2 (1992), 2 , S. 139-142, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:1050-642X, 1536-3724
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Identification number:PU199408059707

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Two male distance runners developed stress fractures of the sacrum following periods of excessively heavy training and frequent racing. This type of stress fracture has been described infrequently in healthy, young distance runners. The sacral wings (alae) are involved in the transmission of weight from the vertebral column to the lower limbs and are often the site of osteoporotic fractures in the elderly. Stress fracture of the sacral wing should be considered in the differential diagnosis of low back or gluteal pain sufficient to prevent activity in distance runners. Verf.-Referat