A multidimensional physical self-concept and its realtions to multiple components of physical fitness

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Title translated into German:Ein multidimensionales Selbstkonzept des Koerpers und seine Beziehungen zu multiplen Komponenten der koerperlichen Fitness
Author:Marsh, Herbert W.; Redmayne, Robyn Sutherland
Published in:Journal of sport & exercise psychology
Published:16 (1994), 1 , S. 43-55, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource Electronic resource (online)
ISSN:0895-2779, 1543-2904
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Identification number:PU199404071628


This study examines relations between six components of physical self-concept (Endurance, Balance, Flexibilitaet, Strength, Appearance, and general Physical Ability) and five components of physical fitness (Endurance, Balance, Flexibility, Static Strength, Explosive Strength/Power) for a sample (N=105) of young adolescent girls aged 13 and 14. Hierarchical confirmatory factor analyses identified the six physical self-concept scales and provided support for a multidimensional, hiierarchical model of physical self-concept. The pattern of correlations between specific components of physical self-concept and physical fitness generally supported the construct validity of the self-concept responses, and the correlation between second-order factors representing general physical self-concept and general physical fitness (r=.76) was substantial. Verf.-Referat