Effect of sodium bicarbonate ingestion on exhaustive resistance exercise performance

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Title translated into German:Auswirkung der Einnahme von Natriumbikarbonat auf die Leistung bei erschoepfenden Kraftuebungen
Author:Webster, Michael J.; Webster, Miriam N.; Crawford, Robert E.; Gladden, L. Bruce
Published in:Medicine and science in sports and exercise
Published:25 (1993), 8 , S. 960-965, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:0195-9131, 1530-0315
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Identification number:PU199312068591


6 weight trained males were studied prior to, during and in recovery from exhaustive resistance exercise, 105 min after ingesting 300 mg/kg of either placebo or NaHCO3. The test consisted of 4 sets of 12 repetitions with a 5th set to volitional fatigue on a Universal leg press machine at a resistance equaling approximately 70 of the subjects 1-RM. Arterialized venous blood was analyzed for lactate concentration, blood gas, and acid-base parameters. Ingestion of NaHCO3 produced a significant increase in resting pH (7.39-7.46), HCO3 (22.9-28.3 mEq/l), and oxygenated base excess (-1.3-4.4 mEq/l). With completion of each exercise set, a progressive decline in the acid-base status of both groups was observed (pH set 1-5; NaHCO3, 7.40-7.31; placebo, 7.34-7.25; HCO3 set 1-5: NaHCO3, 25.3-17.9; placebo, 21.7-15.3 mEq/l; base excess set 1-5: NaHCO3, 3.7-7.1; placebo, -1.4 to -10.7 mEq/l); however, the NaHCO3 condition was significantly more alkaline than the placebo condition. Blood lactate concentration <La> progressively increased with the completion of each exercise set (<La> set 1-5: NaHCO3, 1.37-11.15; placebo, 1.31-9.81 mM); but were not significantly different between treatments. Repetitions performed in the final exercise set were not significantly different between groups (NaHCO3: 19.6+-1.6, placebo: 18.2+-1.1 repetitions). Whereas NaHCO3 has been shown to improve high-intensity running, cycling, and swimming performance, findings indicate that NaHCO3 does not necessarily enhance exhaustive resistance exercise performance. Verf.-Ref.