Spleen injury in sports. Part II: Avoiding splenectomy

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Title translated into German:Milzverletzungen im Sport. Teil II: Vermeidung der Splenektomie
Author:Morden, Robert S.; Berman, Blake M.; Nagle, Conrad E.; Jafri, Syed Z.H.
Published in:The physician and sportsmedicine
Published:20 (1992), 4 , S. 126-139, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:0091-3847, 2326-3660
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Identification number:PU199308059878


People who sustain sports-related spleen injuries develop constant pain in the left flank or left upper quadrant that may worsen when they move or breathe deeply. CT is the most effective diagnostic tool, but other diagnostic imaging techniques and blood tests aid in diagnosis. Most patients can be treated nonsurgically in an intensive care or step-down unit with bed rest, intravenous therapy, and careful monitoring. Verf.-Referat