Is salbutamol ergogenic?: The effects of salbutamol on physical performance in high-performance nonasthmatic athletes

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Title translated into German:Wirkt Salbutamol leistungssteigernd?: Auswirkungen von Salbutamol auf die koerperliche Leistungsfaehigkeit von nicht-asthmatischen Hochleistungssportlern
Author:Morton, Alan R.; Papalia, Shona M.; Fitch, Kenneth D.
Published in:Clinical journal of sport medicine
Published:2 (1992), 2 , S. 93-97, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:1050-642X, 1536-3724
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Identification number:PU199307059685


Our study examined the effects of inhalation of salbutamol, a placebo, and no treatment on selected measures of physical performance, work capacity, and lung function to determine any ergogenic outcomes. The treatments were randomly applied in a double-blind manner under controlled environmental conditions. Seventeen (16 men, 1 woman) high-performance endurance runners aged 17-29 years with no history of asthma, confirmed by a histamine challenge, participated in the study. The variables measured were maximal oxygen uptake and time to volitional exhaustion during a multistage continuous treadmill test, postexercise blood lactate levels, a 10- and a 30-s all-out sprint on a bicycle ergometer to indicate alactic ability, and lactic anaerobic capacity by recording the work in J and J/kg and peak power in W and W/kg. In addition, premedication, postmedication/pre-exercise, and five post-exercise lung function tests were performed at 5 min intervals for 20 min. The parameters measured included FEV1, FVC, FEV1, PEFR, and FEF25-75. Pre- and posttreatment MVV, TV, VC, IrC, and ERC were also measured. The results indicated that there were no significant differences following the three different treatments when examining any of the physical performance variables measured. We concluded that no ergogenic effects were attributable to salbutamol, which should therefore remain a legitimate drug for the management of athletes with asthma participating in international sporting events. Verf.-Referat (gekuerzt)