Study of the phagocytic process in neutrophils from elite sportswomen

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Title translated into German:Untersuchung des Phagozytoseablaufs in den Neutrophilen bei Spitzensportlerinnen
Author:Ortega, E.; Barriga, C.; Fuente, M. de la
Published in:European journal of applied physiology
Published:66 (1993), 1 , S. 37-42, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:1439-6319, 0301-5548
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Identification number:PU199302062443


All stages of the phagocytic process of blood neutrophils were compared in sedentary young women (no formal exercise during the previous 24 mo) and elite sportswomen (basketball players in the middle of their competitive season) at rest. The sportswomen had performed no exercise since the day before taking the blood samples. Adherence of neutrophils to nylon fibre, which is similar to endothelium adherence, was not different between the two groups (62+-14 and 58+-18, control and sport groups respectively). Chemotaxis (studied in a Boyden chamber using a filter with 3 micro-m pore diameter) was found to be stimulated in the sportswomen (105+-30) with respect to the controls (39+-9). Attachment, ingestion and killing by neutrophils was measured by incubation of the neutrophils with serum and a suspension of Candida albicans. While no statistical differences were found in attachment of C. albicans after 15 min incubation (71+-8, control group, and 74+-20, sport group), the sportswomen showed a higher ingestion capacity for C. albicans at both 15 min (53+-13 and 111+-32 in control and sportswomen respectively) and 60 min (control 90+-10, and sport group 224+-21) incubation. The greater phagocytic capacity in sportswomen was correlated with a higher plasma cortisol concentration and a lower plasma ACTH concentration in this group. It is concluded that elite women basketball players have a greater phagocytic capacity than sedentary women, possibly mediated by the higher plasma cortisol concentration in the sportswomen. Verf.-Referat