The development and use of a computerized human performance test battery for repeated-measures applications

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Title translated into German:Entwicklung und Einsatz einer computerisierten Testbatterie zur Messung der menschlichen Leistungsfaehigkeit fuer die wiederholte Anwendung
Author:Turnage, Janet J.; Kennedy, Robert S.
Published in:Human performance
Published:5 (1992), 4 , S. 265-301, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:0895-9285, 1532-7043
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Identification number:PU199301061208


Determining whether human performance is affected by environmental stressors and agents generally requires repeated measures using tests that possess both stability and reliability. To date, however, there is no standardized computer-based human performance test battery for the study of environmental stressors that has proven itself for repeated-measures applications. This article reviews the ongoing development of such a battery, called the Automated Performance Test System (APTS). This battery contains only tests that possess high reliability, early stability, and factorial richness at minimum costs in time, thereby enhancing its external validity in field applications. Part 1 focuses on the psychometric background for the battery and presents an overview of measurement considerations. Part 2 contains data on normative studies, including factor and correlational analyses, and addresses issues of construct validity. Part 3 focuses on real-world applications, using highlights from various validity and sensitivity studies to illustrate the usefulness of a repeated-measures test battery. The article concludes with a discussion of future applications and practical considerations. Verf.-Referat