Comparison of the energy metabolism and mechanical efficiency of male gymnasts aged nine to twenty-four years

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Title translated into German:Vergleich zwischen Energiestoffwechsel und mechanischer Effizienz von Turnern zwischen 9 und 23 Jahren
Author:Ishii, Kihachi; Ishii, Nobuko; Iwai, Takeshi
Published in:Biomechanics, VIII-B : Proceedings of the eighth international congress of biomechanics Nagoya, Japan
Published:Champaign: Human Kinetics (Verlag), 1983, S. 773-780, Lit.
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Identification number:PU199211059117

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It is difficult to express the level of intensity of gymnastic exercises by only the patterns of movement and the physiological responses. If this is possible, the exercises will be expressed as only stereotyped ones. Therefore, because in exercises such as sports activities or gymnastics there is a fixed intent, it is necessary to consider the influence of the psychological attitude. The writer assumed the vertical distance moved by ones center of gravity was a measure of physical intensity and using it as a measure determined the amount of effort needed to perform the exercises. The first purpose of this study was to categorize the fundamental movements into physical patterns and psychological patterns. The second purpose was to determine the mechanical efficiency during the exercises and to compare the changes in the mechanical efficiency during adolescence. Verf.-Referat