Achievement in sports and level of self-concept

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Title translated into German:Leistungen im Sport und das Niveau des Selbstkonzeptes
Author:Sohi, A.S.; Omolabi, O.
Published in:Journal of physical education & sport sciences
Published:3 (1991), 1 , S. 63-68, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199205055932


The perceptual approach stresses that the perceived world of an individual is function of to premises. Firstly, the way in which a person sees himself is the product of how others view him. Secondly, these perceptions are related to his achievement behaviour. In line with this approach the objectives of the study were to examine the level of self-concept of elite sportsmen and its relationship to type of sport and sex of the sportsmen. To fulfil these objectives, several hypothesis were tested. Verf.-Referat