Life expectancy in Italian track and field athletes

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Title translated into German:Lebenserwartung von italienischen Leichtathleten
Author:Menotti, A.; Amici, E.; Gambelli, G.C.; Milazzotto, F.; Bellotti, P.; Capocaccia, R.; Giuli, B.
Published in:European journal of epidemiology
Published:6 (1990), 3 , S. 257-260, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199202053539


Nine hundred eighty-three top Italian track and field athletes (700 males and 283 females) were examined for survival, mortality and causes of death for an average follow-up period of 18.6 years starting from their last year of competition as menbers of the national team. Overall mortality rates were compared to the rates expected on the basis of the life tables for Italian people of the same age, sex and time period. Thirty-four deaths were observed among males (vs 46.6 expected) with a O/E ratio of 0.73, while 3 deaths were observed among women (vs 6.2 expected) with a O/E ratio of 0.48. Neither of these differences was significant, but the O/E ratio for the group as a whole was quite significant (p=0.0296). Some of the athletes demonstrated behavioural characteristics developed during their active careers that might have contributed to their low morality rate. Verf.-Referat