Physical training in bronchial asthma

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Title translated into German:Koerperliches Training bei Asthma bronchiale
Author:Bundgaard, Allan
Published in:Scandinavian journal of sports sciences
Published:10 (1988), 2-3 , S. 97-105, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199102039316


No study has shown the condition of an asthmatic patient to deteriorate as a result of physical training. A few studies seem to show some improvement in asthmatics lung function after a period of physical training, although the methods employed have been questioned. Most of the investigations have not revealed notable changes in lung function after a period of physical training. The metabolic changes that occur in asthmatics during a period of heavy physical training are similar to those of nonasthmatic children and adults. Physical training which improves maximum oxygen uptake seems to improve asthmatic childrens and adults ability to perform physical and mental activities. A decrease in the need for medication also occurs. Whether physical training which does not improve maximum oxygen uptake is beneficial to asthmatics in unclear, as is whether or not exercise-induced asthma is diminished or unchanged after a period with physical training which improves maximum oxygen uptake. No study has found an increase in exercise-induced asthma after such a period. Asthmatics seem to tolerate all kinds of sports well. Almost all asthmatic children can participate in physical activities at school at the same level as nonasthmatics. Verf.-Referat