Motion analysis of overhand throwing in adult women - considering the physical fitness factors affecting thrown distance

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Title translated into German:Bewegungsanalyse des Schlagwurfes bei Frauen - Untersuchung der koerperlichen Fitnessfaktoren, die die Wurfweite beeinflussen
Author:Ogata, Mitsugi; Nakata, Junzo; Yamamoto, Akio; Kumayasu, Kimie
Published in:Japan journal of physical education, health and sport sciences
Published:34 (1989), 1 , S. 63-72, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:0484-6710, 0484-6710
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Identification number:PU199011042794


This study was to examine overhand throwing motions of adult women. Eleven physical fitness test items and measurement of throwing distance (using softball) were administered to 96 adult female students. The multiple regression equation to estimate throwing distance was calculated by the stepwise method. The differences between estimated distance and measured distance were calculated. Ten subjects with higher residual were selected as Excellent group, and ten with lower residual were selected as Poor group. Overhand throwing motions of selected subjects were filmed simultaneously from side and overhead view by two cameras. Dynamic variables such as displacment, time, velocity, angle and angular velocity were otained from film analysis. Excellent group showed longer throwing distance, while there was no significant difference in fitness test items between two groups. Excellent group showed higher initial velocity of ball at release. Judging from these results, it seems that longer throwing distance was caused by higher initial velocity of ball, and higher initial velocity of ball was produced by rational throwing motions. Five characteristics of rational overhand throwing motions of adult women which were verified in this study are presented. The results of this study suggest that these five points should be emphasized in motor learning of throwing for adult women. Verf.-Referat (gekuerzt)