The curriculum process in physical education

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Title translated into German:Der Curriculumprozess in der Leibeserziehung
Author:Jewett, Ann E.; Bain, Linda L.
Published:Dubuque (Iowa): Brown (Verlag), 1985, XIV,401 S., Lit.
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Publication Type: Book
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Identification number:PU199011038024


There are three major sections in this book. Part 1 provides a theoretical base and examines the different value perspectives and alternative curriculum models found in the physical education literature. The theoretical approaches are clarfied with practical examples. Students are encouraged to study and critique the models and their corresponding examples to clarify their own belief about physical education. Part 2 leads students through the process of curriculum design, much as it is experienced by teachers with curriculum planning responsibility. The process includes identifying goals, selecting and sequencing learning activities, and developing curriculum materials. Relationships between program design, instrumental methods, and program evaluation procedures are discussed. Numerous examples of curriculum materials are included both in the text and in the appendices. The emphasis in this section is upon developing the students ability to make professional judgments related to program development. The final section of the book, Part 3, deals with practical and theoretical issues related to curriculum development in physical education. Aus dem Vorwort