The sonographic assessment of acute and chronic achilles pain

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Title translated into German:Die sonographische Untersuchung bei akuter und chronischer Achillodynie
Author:Reimer, P.; Milbradt, H.; Wegner, U.; Braumann, Klaus-Michael
Published in:Journal of medical imaging
Published:3 (1989), 1 , S. 1-6, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU199010045931


It is possible to evaluate the achilles tendon structure accurately with sonography. 52 top-performance athletes with uni- or bilateral achillodynia were examined as part of a prospective clinical study. A rupture can be safely excluded sonographically. Structural alterations of the tendon with hypoechoic transformations, fluid accumulation in the peritendineum and retrocalcaneal bursitis were observed in cases of acute tendinitis. Chronic tendinitis more often correlated with an irregularly thickened hyperechoic peritendineum and structural alterations of the tendon pattern after bilateral comparison. Additional calcifications or bone alterations were discovered less often. Verf.-Referat