Measurement for evaluation in physical education and exercise science

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Title translated into German:Messung und Evaluation in Sportunterricht und Sportwissenschaft
Author:Baumgartner, Ted A.; Jackson, Andrew S.
Published:Dubuque (Iowa): Brown (Verlag), 1989, X,470 S., Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Book
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Identification number:PU199010038026


The major goal of this text is to help the physical education teacher and sport scientist to apply the principles of measurement and evaluation to his/her job. The text was developed with two purposes in mind: First, the authors want to help the reader master the essential content, principles, and concepts needed to become an effective evaluator. Second, the text is designed to provide the practical skills and materials that are needed. A wide assortment of tests, administrative instructions, and norms are provided. The approach used in the text follows a teaching method that has influenced recent educational thought. It is basically an outgrowth of Benjamin Blooms ideas on mastery learning an essential feature of which is formative evaluation. Instructional objectives at the beginning of each chapter enable the reader to focus his/her attention on the concepts to be learned. The text - supplemented with class lectures, discussions, projects, and laboratory experiments - provides the information needed for achieving the objectives. Test questions at the end of each chapter help the reader determine whether he/she has mastered the skills set forth. Aus der Einleitung (abgeaendert)