Measurement concepts in physical education and exercise science

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Title translated into German:Messkonzepte in der Leibeserziehung und Sportwissenschaft
Author:Safrit, Margaret J.; Wood, Terry M.
Published:Champaign: Human Kinetics (Verlag), 1989, VI, 382 S.
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Publication Type: Book
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Identification number:PU199008043434


This book, which is written for non-specialists in measurement, provides broad coverage of measurement concepts, their application to research designs and data analysis, and the interpretation of evaluation processes in the practice of physical education. Contents: I. The scope of measurement in physical education and the exercise sciences; II. Non-referenced measurement; III. Criterion-referenced measurement; IV. Advanced measurement and statistics; V. Applied measurement and evaluation. Aus Umschlagtext und Inhaltsverzeichnis