Biomechanical aspects of training technique in handball

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Title translated into German:Biomechanische Aspekte des Techniktrainings im Handball
Author:Goluch, Andrzej
Editor:Adrian, Marlene; Deutsch, Helga
Published in:Biomechanics
Published:Eugene (Oreg.): Microform Publ. (Verlag), 1986, S. 119-123, Lit.
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Publication Type: Compilation article
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Identification number:PU199004043267


In the technical training process in handball, different exercises are applied. This paper deals with two types of throwing in handball with different ball weights and in various kinds of throwing situations; for example, with goal-keeper and defense, with and without goal-keeper, and thirdly without goal-keeper or defense. The basic method of study was EMG. It has been found that throwing times and the activity of synergist and antagonist arm muscles were different in throws with a heavy ball. However, no differences in the muscle action potentials and times in throws with and without goal-keeper or defense were found. The technical training process can be made more effective by examination of the structure of various forms of exercise. Verf.-Referat