Exercise, nutrition, and energy metabolism

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Title translated into German:Körperliche Aktivität, Ernährung und Energiestoffwechsel
Editor:Horton, Edward S.; Terjung, Ronald L.
Published:New York (N.Y.): Macmillan (Verlag), 1988, X, 265 S., Lit.
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Publication Type: Book
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Document Type: Anthology
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Identification number:PU198910038345


The purpose of this book is to provide the professional with an in-depth view of the broad range of nutritional and metabolic implications imposed by exercise. After reviewing the available works in the field the 17 topics cover the current knowledge of the relationships among nutrition, energy metabolism, and physical exercise, with particular emphasis on normal human physiology, the effects of physical training, and the impact of exercise and nutrition on selected disease states. In this book, exercise will generally be considered to mean rhythmical whole-body physical activity such as walking, running, cycling, and swimming, although in some instances more specific definitions will be given. The book is divided roughly into two parts. The first deals with the basic metabolism and physiology of exercise and the effects of physical training. The second considers a variety of clinically related topics, focused on nutrient requirements and the interrelationships between nutrition and exercise in the prevention and management of common diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and obesity. aus dem Vorwort