Asymmetries in ground reaction force patterns in normal human gait

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Title translated into German:Asymmetrien bezueglich der Bodenreaktionskraftmuster bei normalem menschlichen Gang
Author:Herzog, Walter; Nigg, Benno M.; Read, Lynda J.; Olsson, Ewa
Published in:Medicine and science in sports and exercise
Published:21 (1989), Bd. 1 , S. 110-114, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:0195-9131, 1530-0315
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Identification number:PU198910038039


The purpose of this study was to propose a measure of symmetry/asymmetry for normal human gait and to quantify symmetries/asymmetries of normal human gait for selected gait variables using a force platform. Sixty-two subjects performed ten gait trials each, stepping on the force platform five times with each leg. From these gait trials a symmetry index was calculated for 34 gait variables. The upper and lower limits of normal gait were calculated such that 95 of all symmetry indices obtained from this subject population fell within these limits. Upper and lower limits were found to vary from +/- 4 to over +/- 13,000. Extremely high percentages were found for variables which had absolute magnitudes close to zero and/or variables which occurred at distinctly different instants during the gait cycle. The results of these variables need to be interpreted with caution. Verf.-Referat