Hardloopschoenen en hun betekenis in de blessure-preventie

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Title translated into German:Die Bedeutung der Laufschue fuer die Verletzungsprophylaxe
Author:Gend, J. van; Vloedmans, J.
Published in:Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Fysiotherapie
Published:96 (1986), 2 , S. 33-42, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
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Identification number:PU198807012106


After a discussion of some of the biomechanical principles of running, an attempt is made to analyze the runningshoe into its essential parts, each having their own specific function. It will be argued that some tests which are easy to do may lead to a better, individual choice of shoes, provided they are properly interpreted. This argument will be concluded with the results of a practical inquiry into the stability of the back part of the foot (rearfoot) during running (an important consideration in designing foot-wear). There is, however, no answer to the question which is the best running shoe?, since this problem is highly individual. Verf.-Referat