Sudden death in athletes

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Title translated into German:Ploetzliche Todesfaelle bei Sportlern
Author:Van Camp, Steven P.
Editor:Grana, William A.
Published in:Advances in sports medicine and fitness. Vol. 1
Published:Chicago (Ill.): Year Book Med. Publ. (Verlag), 1988, S. 121-142, Lit.
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Identification number:PU198807011731


The author presents a discussion of sudden death in athletes. The deficiencies and strengths of the available epidemiological literature are addressed. The problems with these reports are identified. The various etiologies of sudden death, with the keys in the history and the physical exam, and a reasonable approach for utilization of available tests, are included in this excellent chapter. This practical approach to the evaluation of the athlete is most important not only to the examining physician but to the athlete and everyone associated with the athlete. The number of deaths that have no known etiology also should encourage further investigation in this area. Perhaps a physiological basis can be identified in these cases. Important points that should be noted in this chapter include (1) epidemiological studies and the problems with reporting; (2) various structural and electrophysiological abnormalities and the risk of sudden death; (3) history and physical examination in the identification of those at risk for sudden death; and (4) utilization of available laboratory tests and procedures in the evaluation of the athletes. Verf.-Referat