Physical fitness and the ages of man

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Title translated into German:Körperliche Leistungsfaehigkeit in allen Altersstufen des Menschen
Editor:Ruskin, Hillel; Simkin, Ariel
Published:Jerusalem: Academon Press (Verlag), 1987, II, 344 S., Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Book
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Document Type: Anthology
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Identification number:PU198805033836


The present volume includes keynote lectures and selected papers presented at the 1986 Symposium of the International Council for Physical Fitness Research (ICPER), held in Jerusalem, Israel. The main theme, Physical Fitness and the Ages of Man, was chosen following the awareness of the ICPER board members of the tremendous progress and popularity of physical fitness programs around the world and among all age groups. The subjects included much new work, not only on traditional aspects of physical fitness research, such as cardio-pulmonary and aerobic fitness, but also on muscular strength and power profiles, bone dynamics, physical performance in various populations and age groups, and biochemical aspects of physical fitness. Viewpoints of broad perspective were provided by the three keynote lectures. Their reviews can be read at the start of each of the three sections presented: 1) Childhood and adolescence; 2) Working age; 3) Later maturity. Verf.-Referat