Kinetic analysis of the center of gravity of the human body in normal and pathological gaits

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Title translated into German:Kinetische Analyse des Koerperschwerpunkts bei normalem und pathologischem Gang
Author:Iida, Hirokazu; Yamamuro, Takao
Published in:Journal of biomechanics
Published:20 (1987), 10 , S. 987-995, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:0021-9290, 1873-2380
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Identification number:PU198802031506


The kinetics of the bodys center of gravity during level walking were analyzed in 50 normal subjects and 47 patients. The three-dimensional displacements of the center of gravity were computed by the integration of force plate data. The energy levels and the power requirements of the center of gravity were also calculated, and the average and standard deviation of these variables were determined for normal and pathological gaits. The sex-related variation in normal gait, as suggested by previous force plate studies, was clearly demonstrated in our study. The parameters obtained from the displacements and the energy variations of the center of gravity are considered useful in the evaluation of stability and efficiency for pathological gaits. Verf.-Referat