Posterior dislocation of the sacral apophyseal ring. A case report

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Title translated into German:Verschiebung eines Apophysenringes im hinteren Bereich des Kreuzbeins. Eine Fallstudie
Author:Fujita, K.; Shinmei, M.; Hashimoto, K.; Shimomura, Y.
Published in:The American journal of sports medicine
Published:14 (1986), 3 , S. 243-245, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:0363-5465, 1552-3365
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Identification number:PU198703028667


The back injury associated with sports is increasing in young athletes. Vertebral growth plate injuries are thought to be one of the main causes of back pain in adolescents; however, vertebral apophyseal ring dislocation is very rare. Only 29 cases have been reported previously. The most common site of the dislocation was at posterior inferior margin of L4. Recently, we operated on a dislocated apophysis of the sacrum in a young soccer player, an injury which has not been described before. Verf.-Referat