Head and neck injuries in sports

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Title translated into German:Kopf- und Halsverletzungen im Sport
Author:Reid, Stephen E.; Reid, Stephen E.jr
Published:Springfield (Ill.): Thomas (Verlag), 1984, XI, 200 S., Lit.
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Publication Type: Book
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Identification number:PU198505024074


Written for all persons who deal with athletic injuries, from coaches and trainers to surgeons and physical therapists, this book examines the problem of head and neck injuries in sports. The authors present a radiotelemetry study of head impacts on the football field, discuss parameters of motion, analyze telemetry data, and detail mechanisms of injury. Instructions for recognizing and identifying head and neck injuries are given, and appropriate first aid treatment is discussed. Chapters also stress physical conditioning; they present flexibility exercises, strengthening exercises, and isotonic exercise programs. A post-injury rehabilitation program is outlined. The book concludes with suggestions for sports safety. Klappentext