La componente periferica dellesercizio muscolare in un gruppo di ciclisti professionisti su strada

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Title translated into German:Die periphere Komponente der Muskelbelastung bei einer Gruppe von Berufs-Strassenradrennfahrern
Author:Minelli, R.; Rossi, A.; Imbriani, M.; Testa, M.; Calsamiglia, G.
Published in:Medicina dello sport
Published:36 (1983), 1 , S. 1-12, Lit.
Format: Publications (Database SPOLIT)
Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:0025-7826, 1827-1863
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Identification number:PU198405021513


The authors have studied the behaviour of several cardiorespiratory and metabolic parameters in 11 road-race-cyclists. An intermittent increasing load, up to 250 Watt, has been imposed by using a modified cycle ergometer. The results obtained have shown that: 1) the maximum measured oxygen consumption (at 250 Watt) goes up to 66.2 ml 02/kg/min. At this level, heart rate reaches 82 of its theoretical maximum value; 2) the extrapolated maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max) can be evaluated in 6,08 l 02/min, corresponding to 84,55 ml 02/kg/ min. 3) dead space ventilation from 30 of total pulmonary ventilation reduces up to 20 during muscular effort, apparently independent from the imposed load; 4) the ratio: peripheral oxygen extraction to total peripheral resistences (CaO2-CVO2)/TPR) from a basal value of 4 reach a figure of 40 at the heavier level of load imposed; this can be accomplished by increasing oxygen extraction together with reduced total peripheral resistences. Verf.-Referat