Seasonal variation of maximal oxygen consumption rate in humans

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Title translated into German:Jahreszeitliche Variation der maximalen Sauerstoffaufnahme beim Menschen
Author:Ingemann-Hansen, Thorsten; Halkjaer-Kristensen, Jens
Published in:European journal of applied physiology
Published:49 (1982), 2 , S. 151-157, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:1439-6319, 0301-5548
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Identification number:PU198304018688


The relationship of maximal oxygen uptake (V02 max) and resting oxygen uptake in two seasons of the year (winter/summer) was investigated in 119 young males The subjects were conscripts, who were investigated at the calling-up time (winter: n = 58). The two groups were comparable with respect to their anthropometric data and smoking habits, as well as their occupational and leisure time activities. V02 max was significantly higher in the subjects investigated in the summer time (3.35 l/min) compared with those in the winter time (3.12 l/min). There was no difference in resting V02 expressed relatively to body weight, whereas the resting V02 was significantly higher in winter than in summer, when it was expressed relatively to lean body mass and body surface area. The results suggest that seasonal variation in maximal aerobic power may occur in young males; this may in turn affect their response to physical training. Verf.-Referat