Seasonal variation in work performance and heart rate response to exercise

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Title translated into German:Jahreszeitliche Schwankungen in der koerperlichen Leistungsfaehigkeit und in der Reaktion der Herzfrequenz auf koerperliche Belastung
Author:Erikssen, Jan; Rodahl, Kaare
Published in:European journal of applied physiology
Published:42 (1979), 2 , S. 133-140, Lit.
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Publication Type: Journal article
Media type: Print resource
ISSN:1439-6319, 0301-5548
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Identification number:PU198004011338


A near maximal bicycle exercise test in 1835 presumably healthy Norwegian men indicated a seasonal variation in physical fitness. Thus, the total amount of work performed was significantly higher, and the work pulse on equivalent loads significantly lower during the summer than during the autumn. Although the differences were small, they may invalidate comparisons made between exercise tests in populations tested at different seasons of the year. In particular, there was a considerable and sudden change in the above mentioned parameters from June-August to September-October. Verf.-Referat