Karl Koch

Karl Koch is the name of: * Carl Koch (director) (1892–1963), also spelled Karl Koch, German film director, writer * Karl Koch (botanist) (1809–1879), German botanist * Karl Koch (cyclist) (1910-1944), German cyclist * Karl Koch (Fallschirmjäger) (1918–1944), member of the Fallschirmjäger during World War II and recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross * Karl Koch (hacker) (1965–1989), German computer hacker from the 1980s * Karl Koch (born 1969), roadie and historian of the band Weezer * Karl-Otto Koch (1897–1945), commandant of the Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald * Karl-Rudolf Koch (born 1935), German geodesist * Walter Karl Koch (1880–1962), German surgeon * Karl Christian Koch (born 1952), Danish swimmer Provided by Wikipedia
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by Koch, Karl (Author), Schorndorf: Hofmann (Verlag), 1974, 130 S., Lit.
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by Fuchs, Erich (Author),
Published in SPORTKUNDE FUER DEN KURSUNTERRICHT IN DER SCHULE, Münster: Hofmann (Verlag), 1973, S. 77-138, Lit.
Other Authors: '; ...Koch, Karl...