Matthias Ziegler

|birth_place = Bern, Switzerland |background = non_vocal_instrumentalist |genre = Contemporary, jazz, electronic music, classical |instrument = Flute, alto flute, bass flute, contrabass flute |associated_acts = Zurich Chamber Orchestra }} Swiss flautist Matthias Ziegler (b. Bern, Switzerland, February 13, 1955) specializes in contemporary music for various sizes of flute (including flute, alto flute, bass flute, and contrabass flute). His original works for these instruments feature numerous extended techniques. In order to allow for the production of a buzzing timbre, he has installed small PET film membranes similar to the ''dimo'' used on the Chinese ''dizi'' on several of his instruments; he calls flutes so equipped "matusiflute." In addition, he plays quarter tone flutes.

Ziegler is also proficient with jazz and improvised music, and frequently performs in an electroacoustic setting. He amplifies his flutes with microphones installed directly into the instruments, and utilizes electronic loop devices (LOOP delay, Echoplex, Echoloop) to allow him to layer sounds. About his work, he states: "All sounds (key noise, winds, tongue stops) usually neglected on the flute are amplified. There is a whole orchestra inside the flute, which allows me to play solo-polyphonic music."[] Noting a similarity in tone between his large flutes and the viola da gamba, he also performs Renaissance music originally composed for viola da gamba.

Ziegler has toured with Andreas Vollenweider and George Gruntz, and performed with Pierre Favre and Mark Dresser. In a classical context, he was formerly the solo flautist for the Zurich Chamber Orchestra.

He lives in Stäfa, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland, and has toured the United States, Japan, Australia, South America, and Israel. Provided by Wikipedia
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